Doll Care

Caring for your Florrie Doll

Florrie dolls are made with quality materials to the highest of standards. Some of our doll parts are crafted by hand using traditional doll-crafting techniques and the colourings on their faces are hand painted, making each Florrie doll unique.

To keep your Florrie doll looking her very best after many adventures together, make sure you follow these helpful tips for styling and maintaining her hair and skin.

Brushing and styling your doll's hair

It is important you always use a wire bristled brush on your doll's hair. Never use combs or brushes with plastic bristles, as these will leave your doll's hair very frizzy.

Before you start:

  • Make sure you have a firm hold on your doll, you can achieve this by sitting her between your legs while you brush her hair. Its best to grasp your dolls neck while brushing but be careful not to loosen her neck by pulling too hard and putting strain on her neck.
  • Lightly misting your doll's hair with one of the mistifiers in the hair accessories kit will help to tame her tangles but remember to put a towel around her neck as she won't like to get wet. Remember not to get water in her eyes—this may cause rust.
  • Florrie dolls have realistic looking wigged hair. When brushing your dolls hair for the first time, you may notice slight hair loss. This is normal and will lessen over time. Take small sections of hair and hold at the ends. Always brush from the bottom of each section working your way up to the root.
  • Do not use any styling products on your doll's hair as it may cause damage.
  • Never use a hair dryer, a straightening iron, heated rollers or tongs on your doll's hair. Any heat will dry, stiffen, frizz or melt the fibers of the hair.
  • If you leave your doll's hair in a tight braid for a long time, her hair may develop a permanent wave when you take it out.

Doll skin and body care

Our dolls are huggable as they have a soft cloth body. 
If the cloth body becomes dirty, you may rub the body gently with a damp cloth, moistened with water only. Do not over wet your cloth and use a clean white cloth only.

Unlike hard plastic, our skin is made of vinyl, which is a porous material that will absorb some strong dyes found in pens, ink, textiles, makeup, and colored markers.

For general cleaning of your doll's skin, we recommend the simple method of water and baking soda:

  • Dampen a soft white cloth with lukewarm water.
  • Mix a little baking soda and lukewarm water together to form a paste.
  • Gently rub a small amount of paste in circular motions onto the vinyl.
  • Wipe any residue with a damp cloth; rinse your cloth frequently with lukewarm water.
  • Gently towel dry your doll.
  • Remember do not put water near dolls eyes as it causes them to rust.
  • Always keep her cloth body and hair as dry as possible when cleaning your doll.
  • Never submerge your doll in water.